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Life from the Swedish side

About Your Friend in Me, Ze

Never date a scorpio Jul. 20th, 2007 @ 01:02 pm
We are purely solo'ists.

We are strong on our own.

We get hurt just caus we let go of our selfsecurity when we involve ourselves with someone else.

We are a emotional wreck.

We constantly think about the bad thing that will happen.

We never think about anything positive.

We are always depressed.

And with that let me tell you my story... I was together with a woman for 2 years and she was unable to give me what I wanted. "Her complete attention" No one can I have realised now, everyone just wants to be friends with me. Well how can I be friends with someone I love? It's a pain to just see, hear or speak to this person. Because all you want to do is to just grab them and never let them leave your arms, you are kind of like a murderer thinking like that or abuser "Don't ever leave me!".

By just saying that you see that you are a danger to everyone you meet and everyone around you! You always think about them and never think about youself, YOU always come second. Because your life is worth less then the one that has your heart, at least that's how my life have been.

Ever since I was a child to when I grew up i've always had "Un-answered Love Relationships" , "Out of touch", "Unable to give me my full attention" or a new one now "Painful past".  So now what do I do? Just accept the fact that I'll probably never find anyone that really can stand up with me?

I don't know, maybe I destined to not have anyone?

- ED , Zilious , Ze
I feel like this now: depresseddepressed
I am listening to this now: Depressing Songs

The ever anger over my neighbour Nov. 5th, 2006 @ 01:09 pm
(NOTE: Do not whine if you don't understand, I have had 2 hours of sleep)

So we all got em, that annoying neighbours from hell. Which insist on playing loud music and fussing around when it's not really meant to do it. Yep!

Well, mine is a special case! It all started about a year ago, when my neighbour played loud extensive music just to piss everyone off. She got evicted, a new girl moved in. She eventually moved, the same behaviour! Now it's a new girl there and she is the fucking worst! Okey, she plays music loud all the time. But, listen to this.

My name is Matthias and i'm a animallover
Current Location: Sweden
I feel like this now: angryangry
I am listening to this now: A Perfect Circle - Imagine

Happy Birthday to me! Oct. 30th, 2006 @ 12:35 am
yay :P

24 now...

That's about it, yay... :P

The forgotten one Oct. 15th, 2006 @ 07:59 pm
Always trouble, always fighting, always 2nd in turn. But I aint complaining, i'm just thinking.

Do you think sometimes too? =)

And yea, I got a slight case of Autumn Depression today. I would be such a bitch if I was female :p
I feel like this now: depresseddepressed

South Park Warcraft Episode Oct. 5th, 2006 @ 06:26 pm

South Park Warcraft Episode
"South Park Warcraft Episode" on Google Video
World of Warcraft episode of south park

Other entries
» You are not forgotten I remember your name
Daniel has commited suicide last sunday, his artist name was Virus and he is a talented rap-artist. Even in death, his last album tells you that he is going to end his life, if you pay close attention.

I worked with him, 2-3 days a week for a years time. We never "hung out" but we talked about alot of deep stuff at work. And I liked him, but now he is dead and he will never come back.

You were a good friend Daniel and I know you had potential to become something great, if only you had stopped taking drugs...
» Hanging on my own cross
It's so hard to explain yourself in english, and especially emotion wise without not letting it sound mean and or bad.
» uhm wtf?
Good thing I bought this liter can, now I can store 100 gig of memory in it!!!!




check out this URL: http://web.forret.com/tools/density.asp?speed=100&unit=GB%2Fliter


funny :)

0.38 * 106 MB/gallon (gallon)
0.10 * 106 MB/liter (liter)

378.79 GB/gallon (gallon)
100.00 GB/liter (liter)

Take care!
» ouch..
This morning when I was going to work, like any other day it was pooring outside. Who cares..

So there I was walking, and all of a sudden I got this sudden pain in my right foot. It felt like the bones were going to come out from the inside. So I stood there for 5 minutes, thinking of what I should do. I wanted to go home and rest it off, but that would involve no money for that day.

And since I am going to start to earn for what I work, and that im still on this educational bullshit, I have to be here all the time. Otherwise I wont get money.. So, here I am.. With a halfbroken, halfnumb foot :P But it's healing so that's okey :)

I mustve slept on it or something, lol

Anywho, back to "work" I go, lmao

Love you all!

P.S - I got my new gfx card yesterday to my new PC! W00000T, talk about MAXED up graphics totally lagfree!

» Death
Someone died very dear to my girlfriend, and I feel terrible for not beign able to be beside her and to comfort her. I want to stop everything and just hold her. But I can't...

Caus im in Sweden and she's in the USA....

I know it's hurting baby, I know... I love you whatever happens and whatever will happen...
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